Monday, March 1, 2010

So I went from this:

To this:

Which earned me this:

 Woo hoo!  February has been a very stressful month for many reasons that I just don't want to even go into, but this was a bright spot and a great way to end the month!  I started the Gaenor Shawl 2 days after the start of the Olympics and bound off at 1:50 pm today.  I cut it a bit close because 1) I am a slow ass knitter 2) I started 2 days late 3) I forced myself to finish my Valentine's Saroyan before starting this, and 4) it's just been a crazy month personally.  So while I initially thought that the whole Ravelympics thing wasn't for me, I am very glad to have participated and completed.

On my list of other things that caused me joy this month are:
I love historical novels about NY and this has really been a great read!

Madelinetosh Etsy Site - because let's face it, if you're as obsessed with yarn as I am, spending hours stalking a website and making split second yarn purchasing decisions is just plain fun.  Buying yarn from this site should be an Olympic sport with the amount of competition there is for these babies.

The Kindle.  If you commute on public transportation, you know how important it is to have one less bulky thing in your purse.  I just love having access to thousands of books in this little device without weighing down my bag!

After the weather we've been having (2 whole days of snow last Wed and Thurs!) I hope March brings us some warmer weather!