Saturday, June 12, 2010

Memory Lane

I am rarely without my I-Pod, before that it was a walkman, before that a tape deck, and before that a record player.  I love music.  For me music is what allows a moment in time to become a special memory and imprint itself into my being.  I don't remember much about prom night (no I wasn't drunk!) but I remember dancing to the Lady in Red.  I remember  the summer of 1999 and the nostalgia and angst I felt while was home in NY and my boyfriend was in PA.   Sarah Mclachlan's "I Love You" played in my tape deck all summer long and served as the soundtrack to the dizzying and enchanting feeling of truly falling in love for the first time.  I held hands with that same man, now my husband, and pregnant with our child 8 years later as we sat iand listened to Ray LaMontagne and his guitar timestamp yet another memory into my brain.  

Over time, I've began another secret love affair -with photography.  I love photos.  I love recording my personal piece of history.  Whether I take a picture of the Eiffel Tower, or of a particularly interesting scene during the course of a day, it serves to remind me of where I was, how I thought, and what interests I had at the time.  They also serve to help create a bond to people who's I've never met, but whose existence allowed me to be here today.  As the saying goes, "a pictures really does say a thousand words."

My father recently found some old family photos I had never seen before.  It was great to see where I came from starting with an amazing photo of my great-grandfather and my great-great grandfather!  Never got to meet these gentlemen, but what a crazy find this was!

My paternal great grandmother (Caridad).  Who I  did get to meet and know until she passes away when I was a teenager.

Maternal Great Grandmother (Delores) holding my dad.  I did get to meet her when I was an infant.

and these 2 cuties who grew up to bring me into this world: My dad (Oscar)

My mom (Miriam)

Ok bored you enough with my trip down memory lane.  Have you had a moment in time that was perfectly captured by film or by a song?