Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Big Weight Off My Mind

I realized the other day that we've spoken for a while, but we haven't seen each other (either ever or for a very long time.) I just wanted to send you some pics from my husband and I had from before Jenny and NOW DURING Jenny!  

May 2011- Our 10 year wedding anniversary

That was then...

On 9/9, I still don't know what caused us to both just come to the same conclusion...we couldn't bear going one feeling fat, moving slower, being self-concious, constantly worrying that our family history of diabetes, would catch up to us.

While we set lofty goals to lose around 70 lbs each we would have been happy if we lost 20, and doubted we'd reach out target 70lb weight loss.  By the end of 2011, we had already said goobye to 30-35 lbs each.  It was not easy work.  You are undoing years and years of crap you've done to your body and soul.

The firs couple of weeks sucked!  I remember thinking, "These portions were meant for children, not adults."  Also, in the last 6 months I have had more salads than I have had in my entire adult life.  We eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 3 snacks a day.  Some days it felt that we were always eating, but just as I was enjoying the food, it was finished!  Damn those tiny portions.  After 2 weeks we got more acclimated to the portions and the salads.  As the weeks passed, the pounds came off!

This was on New years Day 2012. 
30-35 lbs each---gone

This is me on Valentines day and close to 45 lbs lost

Here I am at 51 lbs lost by the end of Feb

My husband at 55 lbs lost on Feb 16- I've never seen him so fit!

While we both have another 15-17lbs each we need to lose to get to our target weight, we are ecstatic at our progress so far.  We're thankful that we have our health, enthusiasm, and higher level of activity.  Because getting winded while climbing out of the NYC subway just SUCKED!