Thursday, April 22, 2010

BAD Blogger

Yes, I know, so very bad.  It's not like there's been anything up or anything, like ...a new job!  Yes, after 7 long years at my old job I made a move.  So far it seems like a nice enough place.  There's been meetings, and more meetings, and meetings in Chicago.

I'm a bit meetinged out.  I do like what I'm doing, but wow, I feel like that kid that just switched schools mid year; everything is shiny and new, but you keep forgetting your locker combination and you don't know who the "cool kids" are yet.

We also had a heck of a long weekend, last week.  Hubby's sister, her BF, and their 4 y/o daughter, came into town.

We went to various kid-friendly spots (Natural History Museum, Bronx Zoo, etc)  It is amazing how a little more activity and a change in routine tire me out.  I am mentally and physically exhausted beyond belief.

I guess generally I have really been feeling burned out mentally and physically.  I know job changes are stressful.  I also had the one year anniversary of the loss of our first pregnancy in March.  I've just been noticing how little things that are of no significance are bothering me more than they should.  I'm also not a very girly girl, but I've recently been very quick to cry over ANYTHING.  It really feels like I can't get excited or happy or optimistic about anything All this, plus my usual lack of sleep, just makes me a delightful person to be around.

Anyone have a good suggestion for getting over this kind of blah feeling hump?  Even Spring hasn't done much to raise the spirits.