Friday, September 17, 2010

Where's Toto?

So I thought I was having a crappy day yesterday.   Got up and just felt "off."  No headache, not any specific ailment I could point to, but just ....not quite right.  It was a yucky cloudy day and I was so tired and really had to just drag my sorry ass out of bed.  Luckily I work from home often, so my 20 foot commute was most welcome.  I signed on and my internet connection was just wonky.  For some reason my network wasn't working so I had the pleasure of having to access a kind neighbor's open network (thank you Roger's Guest Network, whoever you are).   Then I was on a conference call for 3 hours, and nothing was accomplished, another call for 2 hours--yup, nothing accomplished.  Got some more things done and before you know it 5:00pm rolled around.  Still not feeling "right", I thought, yup a nice warm shower followed by a hot cup of tea while snuggled on the couch sounded good.  Got in the shower, and got  as far as lathering up my armpits before my dog began barking like a crazy woman and whimpering. Immediately I thought, "she's hurt herself."  I grabbed a towel and ran to the living room just in time to see the sky turn an algae green to a deep black and a howling wind along with constant bursts of lightening.  Then I started seeing branches coming off of trees and then trees snapping intwo like twigs, and then trees started to get uprooted.  Then I thought, "fuck, this looks like a tornado," got away from the large window put on jeans and went out into the hallway.  The 1 year old shih tzu next door was whining and barking like crazy,  so with her mom's permission, I brought her over.  She and Lulu respected each other's space, although Lulu did "continually supervise" her from atop the couch.  Within less than 5 minutes the storm passed over and it was all over.

Apparently, the National Weather Service had issued a tornado alert prior to this storm.  It would have been good to know, HAD I been watching tv or listening to the radio.  Oh well.  I probably would have thought---"yeah, tornados don't happen in NYC."  WRONG!

So the aftermath looks like this...

We're doing fine.  Luckily we had no damage to our place.  Some of our neighbors had their windows blown out and balcony furniture strewn out onto the street (found several blocks away).  Unfortunately, there was one fatality.  One poor lady had a tree fall in her car and she was killed instantly.  Another highrise apartment building two blocks away had a wall collapse in between two apartments!  Funny enough, a mere 2 miles away--no damage whatsoever!  

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