Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises."

So, I'm pretty new to knitting.  By new, I mean about 5 years ago I taught myself the basics- knit, purl, yarn overs, etc.  However, I've really had a love/hate relationship to knitting.  I have  grandiose dreams of finishing lots of increasingly difficult projects.  In actuality I get stuck on one simple step and I put the knitting aside and don't pick it up for months on end.  This year, or the end of last month to be exact, I vowed that that would change.  I wanted to start a project and finish it, and more importantly, I wanted to stick to it through thick and thin and knit at least one row daily.    So far, so good.  Given all that's been going on since the beginning of February, knitting, or rather my newfound obsessiveness with it has kept me sane, or at least from jumping off a roof.  I read a quote from Elizabeth Zimmerman,"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises."  What a great quote!  It's become my unofficial mantra.  

My obsession for knitting has taken the place of obsessively researching the internet to find out why I had lost a pregnancy last month and how I could survive it.  I  was convinced that somewhere in this vast universe of cyberspace, someone had to know.  I didn't find those answers, instead, what I did find were excruciatingly painful stories of loss and a wonderful network of women on Ravelry who were feeling what I was.  I learned that I will learn to laugh and have joy, but will always have a scar in my heart.  I've also been helped tremendously by the strength of the women in my family and am humbled by what they have been through and how they survived it.  They're strength has bolstered me.  I've also been amazed by my husband.  He is so strong yet gentle.  His tears and hand to hold through this horrible loss have brought us even closer together (which I never thought possible given how close we already were).  

March has been a month of remembrance so far.  I made it this week through the one month anniversary of the loss of our baby.  It feels like it happened so long ago, like this sadness is all I remember.  At the same time the feelings are still very raw.  The emotional roller coaster continues, but overall it's been a better week than last.

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