Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Again

So it's Sunday (again) and the weather is calling for 5 to 8 inches of snow tomorrow.  When will the snow end??  When will the cold weather end for that matter?  I've been in a horrible mood for weeks (unrelated to weather) but could use some cheering up with a nice 60 degree sunny day.  

So this is my first blog post, and I promise they won't all be about weather or my foul mood.  I guess I should explain my reasons for starting the blog.  After 3 years of trying to conceive, on Nov 1, 2008, I got the greatest surprise of my life - I was pregnant.  My husband and I had just gotten back from our trip to Phoenix/Grand Canyon, and after a week of feeling extremely tired all the time-bordering on narcolepsy, and expecting my period, I got home to a big surprise.  I actually took 5 pregnancy tests to be sure I was.  I was thrilled and terrified all at once.  As the weeks (and months progressed) we had our 3 month (12 week) sonogram (all ok), and then another sonogram at 20 weeks.  Unfortunately we received horrible news at this visit. Almost 3 weeks ago, I ceased being a mom to be.  While the days following our bad news were/are filled with tears and heartbreak, my husband and I are trying to survive and take each day as it comes.  No easy feat, I can assure you.  Anyway, I am still very much trying to make sense of it all, somehow learn from it, and try and move on but not forget.

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