Monday, July 26, 2010

Mid Year Recap

So at the beginning of 2010 I resolved to do a few things I wanted to or knew I should do for either physical or mental well being.

1- knit a vest.  Ok, I did not do this yet.  HOWEVER, I knit a short-sleeved cardigan, which in my book is at least as hard as knitting a vest.  While I wasn't thrilled with the results, I completed it.  I cast on, I worked my way through it, I had help from a fantastic knitter  who helped me understand the math and gave me the confidence to not rely completely on the pattern.  More importantly, I learned from this project.  I haven't knitted any other cardigans, but its given me some confidence to try some more "difficult" patterns that I was too intimidated to try before.

2-knit a cardigan-Done!

3-plan two long weekends away- ok, Rhinebeck, NY here we come!  In late December 2009 I reserved a room at the Rhinecliff hotel in order to enjoy the views and scenery of upstate NY (or at least upstate to me!) and coincidentally be around the area for the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival!
UPDATE:In December, when I reserved the room at the Rhinecliff I got an e-mail back saying
"We currently accept reservations 4 months in advance and have not yet opened our entire 2010 reservation book. I will tentatively "hold" a room for you for next October and will follow up with you in late spring to confirm this reservation."
Of course no one got back to me, so I called the hotel directly today and made reservations.  I then got an an e-mail back saying "We can not accept your reservation because we are fully committed already for the dates. The person you spoke with did not know this at the time you were on the phone, and again I am extremely sorry for the confusion. As previously stated I will keep you on the top of our waitlist, so should someone cancel we can go ahead and give you that room."
Wow, what a way to run a business.  Talk about lack of customer service.  That will be the LAST time I even attempt to go to this place.  You would think I was trying to score a free room from this place!  Very annoying.  Oh, well..I TRIED, TWICE - does that count towards my new year's goals?

As an aside we just got back a couple of weeks ago from a week in Cape Cod.  It was just restful and gorgeous, as only Cape Cod can be!  Here's some photographic evidence of our relaxation:

Here's just eye candy of the lovely vistas in Martha's Vineyard
Black Dog Tavern in Vineyardhaven, Martha's Vineyard, which according to my husband who is not allergic to shellfish has the most AMAZING chowder (or is it chowdah in New England?)

Gay Head Cliffs in Aquinnah in Martha's Vineyard.  Breathtaking clay cliffs.

Of course, prior to the Cape I had to go to a meeting in arguably on of the prettiest places I have ever been- Banff, Alberta, Canada.

The was so gorgeous it almost looked fake.

..and yeah, we managed to do touristy stuff as well!

ok, ok, back to my mid year review...
4-work out or go out for a long walk at least twice a week.  EPIC FAILURE!  Between  changing jobs and stress eating I put on weight AND had the gall to NOT do any exercise.    

5-Blog- So far so good.  
Thanks for keeping me honest, out there!

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