Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sometimes things in life just make you smile and make you forget about whatever stupid thing just caused your bad mood (my boss, my job, etc).  Today, this is what that did it for me:  the look of unfettered joy.

Followed by a more "demure" look.

This is my goddaughter/niece, Olivia.  She is the sweetest thing ever, and my husband and I feel very humbled and fortunate to play such an important role in her life.  We love her to pieces and despite living far away from her, it's pictures like these that just bring a smile to my face; not to mention cause massive pangs of envy in my ovaries!
We'll be seeing this sweet girl in a few weeks in when we all converge in San Diego.  Can't wait!

Hope she brightens your day as well.

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Lisa Marie said...

Ohhh. I am made weak by the cuteness! She's almost as cute as Lulu.